Financial Literacy


For years I have searched for a baseline test that could tell me if I understood money and never found one.

Money Vehicle changes that with a Financial Literacy Certification exam built off the 10 topics of money covered in the course.

This makes for a GREAT ADDITION to your resume or school application!

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Money Vehicle Mission:

Empower YOU to U.S.E. Money!

U - Understand your money better

S - Strategize your money better

E - Efficient with your money

"Thank you, Jedidiah Collins, CFP® for providing young professionals like myself the tools to learn and understand the important concepts of personal financing. I cannot wait to continue my journey and learn more about how to U.S.E. my money."

- Nicole Kay

Money Vehicle Course Testimonial
Jedidiah Collins

Hi, I’m Jedidiah Collins, CFP®

My journey began out of fear.

Being handed a big paycheck in the NFL and not having any idea of how to USE it.

This drove me to:

  • study for my Certification in FInancial Planning each off season
  • write the best- selling book Your Money Vehicle
  • become an Adjunct Professor at Washington State University

Money Vehicle Topics

  • New Money Vehicle Goals
  • Compound Interest
  • Money Buckets Cash Management
  • Questions for a Banking
  • Avoid the Credit Trap
  • Begin to Invest
  • Transfer risk with Insurance
  • Cyber Security Tips
  • Gross to Net Income
  • Roth vs 401k

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10 Money Vehicle Actions CAN Change Your FUTURE!!!!

  • CH. 1 The Golden Rule of Money  
  • CH. 2 begin to USE the secret of the wealthy & 8th wonder of the world!
  • CH. 3 stop letting money control you and build a strategy
  • CH. 4 how to avoid this mistake in your bank account ​
  • CH. 5 most people make this mistake with their credit card
  • CH. 6 begin to see money in a long term view and invest it ​​
  • CH. 7 how to save on your insurance premiums
  • CH. 8 easy trick on how to protect yourself online
  • CH. 9 what are your first decisions around taxes
  • CH. 10 open your best advantage as a young professional!

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Here is a Sneak Peak Inside Each of the Money Vehicle Lessons Waiting for You Inside...

1.1 The New Money Vehicle
1.2 The Golden Rule of Money

1.3 RICH Goals: Begin With End

2.1 The Cost of Money

2.2 The 8th Wonder of the World

2.3 Employ Your Money

3.1 Costs of Not Choosing


3.2 Create Habits

3.3 Money Buckets

4.1 Th Business Of Banking

4.2 Today & Tomorrow Accounts
4.3 Banking Rules

5.1 Debit vs Credit

5.2 The Credit Trap

5.3 Avoid The Credit Trap

6.1 Investing Basics
6.2 Investing's Free Lunch

6.3 Stock and Bonds Difference

6.4 Intro To Mutual Funds

7.1 Four Ways To Handle Risk

7.2 Cost To Own & Use Insurance

7.3 Basics of Auto Insurance

8.1 Online Banking Safety

8.2 The New Phishing Hole

8.3 Fight The Hackers

9.1 Why We Need Taxes
9.2 Gross To Net
9.3 How Your Income Is Taxed

10.1 How To Prune Your Tax Tree

10.2 Investment Accounts

10.3 Your Best Vehicle - Roth Account

You are going to learn all about your best money vehicle, the Roth account in 10.3, and how it gives you the best investment advantage!

Congratulations on taking the first step in OWNING your financial future.

You have just been handed the keys to YOUR MONEY VEHICLE, let's start driving!

Money Vehicle Course

Empowering people to OWN their Future by changing the way we look at money.

As you are about to see, the Money Vehicle personal finance course is the first of its kind and the videos will prove that all the way through Chapter 10!