Who is this guy teaching?

Here’s a quick analysis of “The Dream” (don’t worry this book has as few numbers as possible):

“The Dream” is not walking across the stage as a rookie, but walking out of the locker room having taken from the game more than it took from you!

Today 10,000 high school students in California are trying to earn an athletic scholarship.

  • Only 6.5 percent of 10,000 (650) will reach this goal.

From there, many want to go on to play professionally, but very few get the privilege of going pro.

  • Only about 1 percent of those 650 (6.5)

That means that only seven out of 10,000 are lucky enough to make it into a professional locker room.

  • Thirty percent (30%) of those lucky seven will get to walk away with “The Dream!”

Only one or two true dreamers!!

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